Comic Pros & Cons Episode 003: Howie Noel

Tara NormalComic Pros & Cons Episode 003: Howie Noel

Now into the third installment of our Podcast, Derek has the opportunity to talk to Howie Noel. Howie is the man behind Tara Normal, a beautifully executed comic that follows a paranormal detective. And when we say he is the man, we mean THE man. He writes, draws, colors and letters this amazing book.

He is also the official cartoonist for the TAPS Paramagazine, is a professional caricature artist as well, and has been featured on the official Walking Dead website and WWE Raw.

Howie Noel’s art can only be described as a naturally animated & expressively exaggerated realism. And beyond that, it’s just plain beautiful and fun.

If you’d like to check out his work or Tara Normal, click on the bold names in this post. And remember: don’t forget to tell your friends about him and Comic Pros & Cons too! Cheers!

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