Episode 011: The C2E2 Pod-Splosion!

C2E2 banner

This past weekend, Derek ventured down to Chicago to attend C2E2, and oh what a trip it was!

Not only did Derek have a plan of attack for interviewing creators and podcasting with his dear friends, he also had another plan for the weekend. While he may have gone down to the show with his girlfriend, he came home with a fiancee!

If you’re new to the show, you may haven’t seen this yet, but thank you to Katie Cook for the commission she did that was used in the proposal. And congratulations to Derek and his beautiful bride-to-be!

Proposal pic

Now that the applause has settled, let’s get into the meat of the show! Derek was joined once again by J.M. Clark from An Elegant Weapon and Jimmy McKnight from The Ninja Starship, as well as his old partners in crimes to their livers: Linz, Tony and (new) Derek from Drunk On Comics!

Go grab a drink and enjoy, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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