Episode 013: C2E2 The Interviews Part 2

Episode 013: C2E2 The Interviews Part 2

It’s part 2 of 2 of the interviews live from Artist Alley at C2E2, and the final wrap up of our footage of the convention. Thanks again to ReedPop for allowing our show to be a part of theirs. This is one of our favorite shows of the year every year, and we had an absolutely amazing time.

This week, we kick the show off with Trevor Mueller and his project Reading with Pictures and his creation Albert the Alien. Please make sure to spread the word about the amazing thing Trevor and the rest of his crew are doing; they deserve the accolades, but more so, every child deserves the chance to read these books.

Up next is J.K. Woodward. J.K. does some truly mind blowing artwork, and you can get a glimpse at one of his double page spreads featured as the primary photo to this episode on our website (assuming you’re reading this on iTunes or Stitcher). Not only is J.K. a master when it comes to his artwork, he also does an amazing podcast of his own which you can find on iTunes as well.

Rounding third base we run into Josh Dahl and KJ Kaminski to discuss their books Rapid City and The Resistance. We dive into what it’s like to self publish, and have a little fun with the analogy of learning the ins and outs as well.

Last up, it wouldn’t be an interview show without Dirk Manning. Hell, it wouldn’t be a show if he didn’t at least get mentioned, but on this episode, we bring you an interview with Dirk unlike anything the world has ever heard.

Thanks for listening, and please share the show with your friends!

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