Episode 014: Seth Damoose

Episode 014: Seth Damoose

This week, Derek gets the best of both worlds as he sits down with one of his favorite artists, Seth Damoose, and gets to drink some delicious craft beer at The Mitten Brewing Co.

The two friends talk about his new book, Savants, from Source Point Press, as well as what it means to be #TooCartoony.

If you want to see Seth in person, you can find him this weekend at Fantasticon Toledo, and next month at Motor City Comic Con. Make sure to get a commission from him while you can, or at the very least, go tell him you heard him here at Comic Pros & Cons,

One Response to “Episode 014: Seth Damoose

  • Roselyn Becker
    2 years ago

    Love the music at the beginning of the program! EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! Seth Damoose is articulate, interesting, and it was fun to listen to his ideas and philosophies. Really enjoyed it.

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