Episode 019: Behind the Mic: Podcasting with the Pros


Episode 019: Behind the Mic: Podcasting with the Pros

Recorded live at Motor City Comic Con, Derek led an all-star ensemble of podcasters.

The group was made up of J.M. Clark from An Elegant Weapon, Jimmy McKnight from Ninja Starship, Devin Foether from Snake Oil Comics, and Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen from I Sell Comics.

The panel was aimed to let people behind the curtain of podcasting as well as give some insight on what it takes to start and run a successful show. But don’t be fooled, because as you’ll hear, success is exactly what you make it.

They also talk equipment, marketing, networking and more as they drop nuggets of wisdom throughout the hour long chat and Q&A.

Thank you to these fine gentlemen for joining Derek on this panel, but most of all, thank you to Motor City Comic Con and the people behind it. You truly are superheroes yourselves.

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