Episode 022: Pat Shand

Episode 022 Pat Shand     comic bento
Episode 022: Pat Shand

This week, Derek gets the chance to sit down with one of his favorite writers, Mr. Pat Shand.

Pat is most well known for his work at Zenescope, particularly on the Robyn Hood series. He just finished an amazing 4 year run on the series after creating the character and bringing her to life. He’s also involved in a number of creator owned projects such as Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl, which is debuting in just over a week, so make sure you check that out as well!

Pat also recently announced his prose book from MarvelIron Man: Mutually Assured Destruction which hits the stands this August.

Lastly, if you really want to go behind the scenes with Pat, check him out on Patreon as well.

And if you found us on iTunes or Stitcher, go to www.ComicProsAndCons.com to find the links to these books and Pat himself there as well.

Join us as we continue to celebrate the true superheroes of comic books: the creators themselves!

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