Episode 029: Leigh Jeffery

leigh jeffery

Episode 029: Leigh Jeffery

On this episode of the podcast, Derek is joined by artist and indie comic creator coordinator, Ms. Leigh Jeffery.

These two sit down to discuss Leigh’s comic, Fantasy Killer, the importance of independent comics to the industry, social media, and her new endevour, ComixCentral.com.

ComixCentral currently has an IndieGoGo campaign going, which you can find (and support!) right here.

If you’re listening to this on iTunes, Stitcher, or another platform, go to www.ComicProsAndCons.com and find all of the links to Leigh and her projects in the show notes for this specific episode.

Thanks again to Leigh for coming on the show and sharing her passion for creating comics, and if you pass her on the street some day, make sure you say, “Sorry.”

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