Episode 041: Grand Rapids Comic Con

Episode 041: Grand Rapids Comic Con
This week, Comic Pros & Cons takes the podcast on the road! And rather than a 3 hour drive, a 4 hour train ride, or a 20 week trip by horse and buggy, this time it was in our own back yard!

Grand Rapids Comic Con just finished off their 4th year, and it was their best to date! There are a number of interviews that will come later as a result of this year’s show, but here’s what we got from the floor!

First up, Derek is joined by Pat Kawula from Digital Nerdage and Tony McKay from Drunk On Comics. The guys chat about cons (go figure) while they enjoy a few brews in the bar next door to the show.

Next up is long time friend, Dirk Manning. Dirk successfully retained his karaoke championship belt at GRCC. However, to be fair, just like his beloved wrestling, this event was clearly rigged. You’ll hear the guys chat about that and more.

Last up is Eisner winner Steve Lieber. Steve is an amazing artist whose career spans a few decades, and his love for his work is just as strong now as ever. Make sure to check out Steve’s studio Helioscope for more of his work as well as that of the other creators that make up this wonderful studio.

Finally, we have a new sponsor! Thank you to Comic Blitz for being a part of our show! And for those of you at home, make sure to use the promo code “prosandcons” to get a free month of their service completely risk free! And stay tuned next week when we talk to their founder in more detail to learn even more about Comic Blitz then!


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