Episode 056: Jake, Matt & Kevin Minor

Episode 056: Jake, Matt & Kevin Minor

On this week’s episode of the Comic Pros & Cons Podcast, Derek is joined by three of the most genetically gifted comic creators in the industry, the guys from Universe M!

Brothers Jake, Matt and Kevin founded Universe M and have recently had their book, No Rest for the Wicked, picked up by our good friends at Source Point Press.

The guys discuss how they work and create comics together, the dynamics of being family and business partners, and how they went from a web comic to joining forces with one of the most dominant forces in independent comic publishers at Source Point Press.

Make sure to check out the first issue at ComicBlitz.com, and if you use the code ‘prosandcons‘ your first month is comped by us – your friends at Comic Pros & Cons, and it’s completely risk free!

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