Episode 064: Jim Towe

Episode 064: Jim Towe

On this episode of the Comic Pros & Cons podcast, Derek is joined by one of his close friends, the amazing artist, Jim Towe.

Jim is currently drawing the relaunch of the Rob Liefeld flagship title at Image Comics, Youngblood.

Derek talks to Jim about his journey into comics, his process and approach to making this book, along with what it’s like to work on such a well known property as Youngblood.

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One Response to “Episode 064: Jim Towe

  • Hello Derek and all the artists. Listening to every podcast I thought would be easier for me, as a nooby creator, to follow the steps of the succesfull artist and become more pro in this industry. But all you have different passes with completely own way, to be, who you are. Its like you grow inside out.
    Here is the question. What kind the best back ground :music, tv, radio, You guys using, while drawing or writing.

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