Episode 068: C2E2 2017 Part 1

Episode 068: C2E2 2017 Part 1

On the first of a two part episode of the Comic Pros & Cons podcast, Derek travels to Chicago for C2E2 and talks to the creators in Artist Alley!

Before we dive in, massive thanks to ReedPop for allowing Derek and Comic Pros & Cons the ability to cover their amazing show! We wouldn’t miss it for the world, and being a small part of it is really what makes this show so special to us here.

We start out this episode by catching up with our friends from Source Point Press, David Hayes, Kasey Pierce and Bob Salley. Always good to see these ridiculously talented writers in person!

We wrap up this episode with the hidden gem we found with Ali Cantarella, who is one of the most creative artists we’ve seen not only because of her style but also her choice of tools (more on that in the episode)

Thanks again to C2E2 and ReedPop, and come back next week for more interviews and coverage from Artist Alley!

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