Episode 072: Promoting Comics Through Podcasts

Episode 072: Promoting Comics Through Podcasts

This week, Comic Pros & Cons presents the Promoting Comics Through Podcasts panel, live from Motor City Comic Con!

Derek is joined on this panel by none other than writer Dirk Manning. Dirk and Derek go back a long time, and these two are able to show both sides of the microphone when helping coach creators on the art of podcast interviews.

What most creators don’t understand is that the process of getting interviewed on a podcast starts well before the record button gets pressed, and Derek and Dirk are here to help explain every step.

Thanks again to Motor City Comic Con not only for allowing us to cover their show, but also for being able to provide what we hope is some very valuable information. Stay tuned next week for even more from #MCCC2017!

Finally, if you would like a copy of the paper Derek created as the source material for this panel, please click on the PDF file accompanying this post at www.ComicProsAndCons.com.

Here is the link for the PDF of Derek’s paper => PromotingComicsThroughPodcasts

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