Episode 076: Cherry Capital Comic Con Pt 1

Episode 076: Cherry Capital Comic Con Pt 1

This week on the Comic Pros & Cons podcast, Derek heads to beautiful Traverse City, MI for Cherry Capital Comic Con! Derek sits down with artist, Ryan Stegman, to talk about his work on Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. Not only is Ryan drawing this ASM title, he has also begun writing it as well!

Up next is artist, Adam Ferris. If you haven’t seen Adam‘s work yet, you should. And make sure to follow him, because he is going to be a major influence on the comic scene very soon.

Also, a big thank you to C4 for allowing Comic Pros & Cons to be a part of your show! From covering it on the floor with interviews to co-moderating a few panels, #TCC42017 was an absolute blast!

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