Episode 091: New York Comic Con Interviews Part 4

Episode 091: New York Comic Con Interviews Part 4

On this installment of the Comic Pros & Cons Podcast, Derek is still traipsing up and down the New York Comic Con Artist Alley.

Derek is able to interview 5 different creators on this episode, and joining him first are the husband and wife creative team of Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer to discuss their new book from Dark Horse, Calla Cthulhu! You can also check out all kinds of cools stuff at House of Fun Studio!

Next up, the insanely talented Howie Noel returns to the show as he and Derek get silly and serious all at the same time while talking about his book Float, cons and more.

Finally, Derek is joined by the guys behind Bottled Lightning, and the creators of The Only Living Boy and High Noon, writer David Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis.

Thanks again to ReedPop and NYCC for letting Comic Pros & Cons be a part of your show, and come back again next week when we continue to celebrate the true superheroes of comic books: the creators themselves!

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