Episode 093: The Super Duper Anthology

Episode 093: The Super Duper Anthology

Welcome back to the Comic Pros & Cons podcast! This week, Derek is joined by good friend, Dan Dougherty!

You probably know Dan from his comics, his karaoke, and his multiple appearances on this show, but he is also one of the purveyors of knowledge at The International School of Comics in Chicago, Illinois!

Dan brings 3 of his students to Comic Pros & Cons, Dannie Rivera, Mike Ortiz and Milena Deneno to talk about their new Kickstarter Project, The Super Duper Anthology!

Dannie, Mike and Milena talk to Derek about their work at the school, their passion for creating comics, and what makes The Super Duper Anthology so special!

Make sure to join Comic Pros & Cons as we pledge early to make sure this book gets made, and then brag to all your friends years from now that you knew these creators “way back when.”

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