Episode 103: Paul Storrie

Episode 103: Paul Storrie

This week on the Comic Pros & Cons podcast, Derek is joined by a writer who has been referred to as illustrious, legendary, and a veteran of the industry, writer Paul Storrie! For the record, Paul may or may not agree with all of those, but that is only one of the things that he and Derek talk about this week.

Derek also dives into the new Source Point Press book currently demolishing its goal on Kickstarter, The Viking Queen! This first issue has definitely earned the Comic Pros & Cons seal of approval, and Paul and the entire creative team deserves credit for bringing an amazing tale to life.

Lastly, don’t forget to find us on iTunes for you Apple folk, and Stitcher for you Android users! Thanks again for listening, and we will be back next week with even more. Cheers!

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