Meet Derek

 Derek Becker headshot Derek Becker doesn't call himself an expert on comic books.  Nor does he claim to understand everything there is to know about making them.  But what he will do is share his love of comic books and the process of creating them with anyone who will listen. 
Like most comic book fans, Derek grew up with comics being an important part of his life over the course of many years.  As he grew into adulthood, the comics came and went at different times, but ultimately the smell of the newsprint from his childhood wouldn't let go.
In 2012, Derek entered into the world of podcasting with 3 of his friends while starting a comic book based show called Drunk On Comics.  That show is still going on to this day, but Derek found himself wanting to delve more into what drives the creators - the magic behind the curtain of creating comics if you will - and set out to create something of his own - and thus Comic Pros & Cons was born. 
When Derek isn't podcasting or doing something comic book related, he likes to reminisce about his college days when he got not one, but two Bachelor's Degrees (Film/Video and Public Relations/Advertising for those that are interested).  
As for his secret identity, he pays his bills by selling stuff Monday through Friday for a tech based company.
If you'd like to know more about him, the easiest way is to find him at a convention, and very simply, just ask.  Chances are he will gladly take the opportunity to talk, especially if you want to talk over a beer.